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Top profitable future small business ideas with low investment 2020 &2021


 Getting started with a small business is a great idea to become a self-made success story,self - made millionaire but to be successful at it isn’t as easy as it might seem. You’ll need to do thorough research before starting up your career as an entrepreneur, and also need to look at your budget so that you won’t face any future financial losses.

cheap and best business ideas

Most importantly, the business you start should align with your skills and choices so that you can work efficiently on it. Marketing is one of the most demanding needs of every business, and especially when you want to reach a lot of people in just a short time.
If you want to start a business but don’t exactly know which one exactly, we are here to tell you about almost  low capital business ideas you can choose from.

Now, lets have a look on the top  small business ideas to start in 2020.

Recycling Business

 This business is future business and good for environment .You can set up a business that offers this service to customers. By providing weekly waste collections, you can help the environment and charge a fee for your efforts. You can often make additional money at recycling depots that pay for certain types of waste.  You can also setup online invoicing and automatic recurring payments.

 Bakery Shop

Thinking of starting a business shop in your city/town near your house is not bad idea. People love bakery products and it’s demand is also high.You can start this business with a little investment. You just need to rent better shop where you can start your bakery shop easily. If you already own then it’s great. Buy some furnitures to keep the goods. This will not cost you more than 10-25 thousand rupees. Next you will also have to purchase some electronic gadgets to start making food items which may cost you around 5-10 thousand. At last design some posters and banners for your bakery shop which can attract the customers.

 Fish Farming

Almost everyone loves to eat fish. So, the demand of this thing never falls down. This can be one of the best business ideas to start. This business does not need a lot of money to start but need some effort. Many people are practicing these businesses and earning a very good profit.

Cotton Bags

Making cotton bags can be profitable business now a days. Since, Indian government has banned plastics, so the demand of cotton bags has increased. We should also take care of our environment and cooperate our government by stop using plastic.You can start this business by leasing a land or at your home (If you have enough space).

Snacks Making

Snacks is one of the basic requirements of our daily life. So, you can imagine its demand. Biscuits, cookies, mixtures, etc. are the different kind of snacks. Snacks are really tasty and so we eat it. Many brands are there in your market that make snacks for you. They also earn a good profit by selling it.

Fitness , Yoga Instructor Service

Starting a yoga centre is a respectable and a small business idea . Government also promoting Yoga. No doubt  this would be a part time business for you if you have knowledge for starting a fitness centre. But you should be a trained and certified yoga guru. For training and certification you can reach training centers.

Catering business

If you are a good cook or  you have a great taste of foods and you have enough money to invest in a big or small hotel. Then you can start catering services from your own kitchen. The basic thing required to start this business is cooking knowledge and networking.

Drop shipping

It is tension free business. In drop shipping you just need to sell product from companies site like e-bay, meesho etc. Whenever your product is purchased by the client the company handles everything shipping and all. You just take commission and enjoy. you can it today at your home.

Sell online courses

You just need a good digital product, responsive customer support, great marketing, and competitive pricing to kick-start a digital products business on the go.
While there are many products you can sell and fulfill digitally (software, magazine, songs, videos, e-books etc.)


 House/Dog Sitting

While this is a business idea that has been popular for decades for any small town, it’s still an excellent way to generate revenue without any startup costs. You can advertise locally via message boards, community centers, and local restaurants. you can use your spare space of house and Garden to keep dogs and take a good amount for it.

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